Must Have Summer Shirts in a Men’s Wardrobe

Trying to look good when it is really warm outside is always tricky because you can’t really do that much. So the shirts and the accessories that you wear will make or break that outfit. This blog will discuss the different shirts that you need to look good this summer.

  1. Linen shirts: Linen shirts are made of lightweight material and are extremely breathable which makes it perfect for the summers. They can be dressed up or down and the vibe is always cool. When buying these, keep in mind that they are not supposed to be tight on your body. They should be somewhat loose to get that careless summer look. You can get linen shirts in both long and short sleeves.


  1. Fitted T-shirts: They are a must-have in your wardrobe, especially if you have been hitting the gym and trying to show off the biceps you are working so hard for. You should keep three things in mind while buying a fitted T-shirt – perfect fit, comfort and quality. The seams should end right where the shoulder is, the t-shirt should hug your arms properly, and it should not be too tight around your waist. Buy high quality cotton T-shirts for comfort. They shouldn’t be ones that you buy one day, wash the next and then throw away the next day because they shrunk or the shape messed up.


  1. Floral shirts: They are bold and cool and shows off all your personality. You can wear them anywhere, from the beach to a date, to brunch, at night, or you can even wear it under a suit to add some character to your suit.


  1. Tank tops: You cannot go through summer without tank tops. You can wear them to the beach and flaunt your shoulders. If you have been hitting the gym hard, it is time to show it off. Even if you haven’t reached your goals in the gym yet, you can still wear tank tops under your shirt. Unbutton your shirt and wear a tank top underneath to give you that nice, flowy summer vibe. Tank tops are definitely a must-have this summer.


  1. White Polo: White Polo is a classic and never goes out of style. If you are tired of wearing the same shirts over and over again and haven’t tried polo shirts, give them a try. You can wear them to the club, for example, instead of wearing a button-up shirt. If you buy the right one with good quality and the right shape and size, it will make you look more muscular and accentuate your figure. You can also own them in other colors like black, navy, grey etc.

-Amit Sarawgi

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